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Lighting from shooting stars and designer design : the new cocktail bar dedicated to rediscovered time, Prima Café , arrives in Milan . The space is owned by Prima Assicurazione, but the multisensory form bears the signature of Park Associati – the Milanese architecture studio led by Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, acronym of well-known headquarters such as Salewa in Bolzano or Luxottica and Nesté in Milan.

Prima Café changes during the day: initiatives and work during the day; leisure and entertainment in the evening. Enclosing all this in a single place, which is transformed according to the needs and different moments of the day, was a great design challenge, but the wide flexibility of the spaces allowed us to easily adapt the room to the new normal.. In fact, with the project we have completely overturned the function-aesthetic combination, to create a fluid identity that accompanies the metamorphosis of the room. During the day it is a bright and dynamic space, at night an installation of lights comes into play that creates the atmosphere of a club: working on the meeting of these two opposites was very stimulating ”said Filippo Pagliani.

These 190 square meters in the heart of the Milanese district, symbol of innovation, Garibaldi, do not tell the core business of the insurance company but the principles on which its work is based: the technological nature, the progress towards artificial intelligence and the visual art. For this reason, interior design is able to dress different shapes and sizes (also able to transform itself): with the eyes upwards we see 600 transparent and reflective tubes, illuminated by a LED projector – how much neon art there is in all of this? -; while seated we experience deconstructed sofas, enveloping armchairs and minimal-retro chairs amidst velvets, leathers and colors ranging from sugar paper to bronzed shades.

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