3 flowers to grow in your garden this season

Flowers look the brightest in spring, don’t they? They definitely do. However, since the summertime is approaching, the gardens are going to bloom brightly and beautifully. The exhilarating sunlight is going to add to the growth and beauty of plants making them look bright and vibrant. Some people get skeptical about which flowers to grow in their lawns or background according to the season approaching. Some only know about the basic flowers like roses, daisies, lilies, etc.

The fact is that all these beautiful flowers add colours to our gardens and attract all them pretty butterflies with multiple colourful patterns. You can either grow them yourself or take help from gardeners Perth northern suburbs. Some of the flowers along with their characteristics are discussed as under

Angelonia hybrid

When cool season annuals take a break during the heat of summer Angelonia plants pick up the pace. This snap-dragon look-alike blooms non-stop through all seasons adding a cheerful shade of color in the landscape. Unlike most plants, Angelonia is the type of plant that thrives in the heat of summer, even in the parts of the world where it’s hot and humid.

Angelonia is a semi-tropical plant that is a treat for every one of the hottest environments. It is otherwise called summer snapdragons, the sensitive cylindrical blossoms are a magnet for hummingbirds, butterflies, and bug pollinators. With a wide scope of bloom tones, and structures to look over, this basically lighthearted yearly makes an adaptable expansion to beds, boundaries and compartments. It is extremely important to water the plants regularly and look after them with care. In case of Angelonia, keep the soil moist but not soggy. Water the plant when the top layer feels dry. Keep the plants watered 2 to 3 times a week until established. Plants are somewhat drought tolerant once established.

  Fuchsia hybrid

The Mother’s Day favorite, fuchsia hybrid, comes in several vibrant colours. It is a summer flower that grows the fastest in July. Whether grown in ground or containers, fuschias benefit from a well-drained soil and a weekly feeding with half-strength water soluble fertilizer.

Fuschias react well to pruning and squeezing either to control or shape them into support or standards. Since fuschias glow and blossom on the new wood, any pruning should be done before spring. To keep them well organized and add beauty to your surroundings it is wise to grow them in the containers including the hanging sort of baskets that will help display their dainty shape. Wherever they are grown, they benefit well from a well-drained soil and a weekly feeding with half-strength water soluble fertilizer.

  Impatiens Hawkeri

These grow mostly in warm temperatures and are most suitable for closed spaces. It has two more types, Impatiens walleriana and New Guinea Impatiens. They are sensitive to cold temperatures and grow best in fertile, well-draining soil enriched with organic matter. Closed spaces encourage taller growth of these plants and more spaces around encourages it to fill the gaps growing in a better way. Pruning in case of Impatiens Hawkeri is not very necessary and since they are not drought tolerant, watering them regularly is a great idea!

There are a million plants that grow in the summer season with different landscaping characteristics but once you know how to care for each one of them, you will certainly fall in love with the colours around you!


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